Rumoi Area

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Food and nature nurtured by harsh climate of the Sea of Japan

The "Rumoi Area" facing the Sea of Japan has been developed by fruits of the sea since ancient times. Coastline is also called "Japan Sea Oolong Line", and the refreshing scenery is also recommended for driving. Not only the beauty of scenic area including Shokanbetsu Teuri Yagihiri Quasi-National Park but the sunset can be seen from the two islands,"Teuri Island" "Yagishiri Island" which can be accessed by ferry from Haboro Port are superb view. It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes from New Chitose Airport to Rumoi City, and 1 hour and 50 minutes from Asahikawa Airport.
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Course 08

The horizontal line of the Sea of Japan ~ faces the beautiful sunset ~

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • culture・Contact with the local community
  • Gourmet
Ogon cape
The former merchant Maruich Honma
beach barbecues

Along the coast facing the Sea of Japan, the road, commonly called "Ororon line", drives you to Mashike. In the vicinityof the former Mashike Station, you can enjoy a landscape of historic buildings, including important national cultural properties and the former Maruich Honma and traces of flourished herring fishing. Mashike is also the northernmost fruit production district in Japan, and seasonal fruit picking experience with increased taste in the cool climate is also popular. Located on the hill facing the sea "Reuke ranch" is popular with beach barbecues, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Sapporo ⇒ Atsuta ⇒ Mashike (Auberge Mashike)
Day 2 Mashike ⇒ Mashike (Fruit picking experience) ⇒ Kunimare shuzo ⇒ The former merchant Maruich Honma ⇒ A walking in front of Mashike station ⇒ Mashike (Auberge Mashike)
Day 3 Mashike ⇒ Rumoi (Fishing experience at Ogon cape) ⇒ Golden beach Rumoi ⇒ Maruta Tanaka greengrocery⇒ Roadside Station Obira Nishin-Banya ⇒ Rumoi (Hotel New White House)
Day 4 Rumoi ⇒ Asahikawa ⇒ Sapporo

Course 09

A tour of finding out a port town's culture of the Sea of Japan ~Eating seafoods and experiencing fruit picking ~ < for 3 days>

  • culture・Contact with the local community
  • Gourmet
the former Hanada Banya
Kunimare shuzo
Sweet Shrimp Rice Bowl(Sushi Matsukura)

At Obira fishing port facing the Sea of Japan, there are a wide array of fishermen's operated stores, and you can buy fresh seafoods caught in Maehama at the beach price. There are popular spots such as historical buildings "the former Hanada Banya", "Roadside Station Obira Nishin-Banya" with a line of restaurants, and an orchard that you can experience picking Mashike's fruits in the northernmost part of Japan. This is an area where many breweries, such as sake of Kunimare shuzo established in 1882 and "Mashike cider" made with authentic methods, which are attracting a lot of attention. At cape Ogon,which is also selected as a "Top 100 Sunsets in Japan", we recommend a rocky crab fishing enjoyed from children to adults.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Sapporo ⇒ Atsuta ⇒ Obiira (relaxing)
Day 2 Obiira ⇒ Roadside Station Obira Nishin-Banya ⇒ A walk in Kodaira fishing port ⇒ Rumoi (Experiencing a rock crab fishing at Ogon cape) ⇒ Rumoi (Hotel New White House)
Day 3 Rumoi ⇒ Mashike (Fruit picking experience) ⇒ Sushi Matsukura ⇒ Kunimare shuzo ⇒ Sapporo

Course 10

Birds in Teuri Yagishiri 〜 Unique experience at a remote islands of the Sea of Japan 〜

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • culture・Contact with the local community
  • Gourmet
cerorhincas monoceratas colony(Yagishiri island)
cerorhinca monocerata(Teuri island)
Akaiwa observation deck

It is a course where you can enjoy the nature and gourmet food mainly in both Teuri and Yagishiri islands. A "night watching of cerorhincas monoceratas" is held only in the evening of from May to July on Teuri Island, the world's largest cerorhinca monocerata breeding ground. It is a highlight of a number of cerorhincas monoceratas, said to be 1 million, covering the sky when coming home all together. On Yagishiri island, you can enjoy charcoal-grilled "pre salted Yagishiri suffolk meat" said to be a phantom sheep in "Shimako restaurant", as well as while cycling among rare trees, you can breath a touch of the earth in the air. A beauty of the majestic sunset seen from both islands is breathtaking.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Sapporo ⇒ Haboro ⇒ [Ferries] ⇒ Teuri island
Day 2 Teuri island ⇒ A Teuri island tour (Sea Space Museum, Akaiwa observation deck, Bird Watching) ⇒ [Ferry] ⇒ Yagishiri island ⇒ A tour on Yagishiri island (Yagishiri local museum and cerorhincas monoceratas colony) ⇒ [Ferry] ⇒Teuri island
Day 3 Teuri Island ⇒ [Ferry] ⇒ Haboro ⇒ Sapporo

Course 11

Aiming at Japan's Top from the Sea of Japan ~ Enjoy Hokkaido's gourmet ~ <4 days>

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • culture・Contact with the local community
  • Hot spring
  • Gourmet
Sweet Shrimp Rice Bowl(Haboro)
Konpira Shrine
Yanshu Nishinzuke

This course covers the wide area from Rumoi to Sōya. You can't miss not only the landscape that can experience the magnificent nature like the superb view from Rumoi "Senboudai" over Mt. Rishiri such as Teuri and Yagishiri island, and starry sky from the "Shōsan Betsu Observatory", but also the gourmet unique to this area. "Yanshu Nishinzuke" of "Tanaka Greengrocery", one of Hokkaido's representative pickles, "Sweet Shrimp Rice Bowl" of "Kitano Nishinyasan" where you can enjoy sticky sweetness and umami, "Shijimi Ramen" of "Teshio Spa Yubae", and the soft ice cream of freshly squeezed milk are recommended.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Asahikawa ⇒ Kunimare shuzo ⇒ Maruichi Honmake Honma's house, old merchant ⇒ Rumoi
Day 2 Rumoi ⇒ Roadside Station Obira Nishin-Banya ⇒ Totomae Onsen Fuwatto ⇒ Haboro ⇒ Shosanbetsu (Konpira Shrine) ⇒ Teshio (Teshio Spa Yubae)
Day 3 Teshio: Sarobetsu Wetland Center ⇒ Soya Cape / The Rolling Soya Hills ⇒ Wakkanai
Day 4 Wakkanai ⇒ Noshappu Cape ⇒ Wakkanai Park ⇒ Wakkanai Airport