Iwamizawa Area

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A harmonious area of nature, city, and agriculture

"Iwamizawa Area" used to flourish in coal mines and supported Japanese industry modernization. Located between Sapporo City and Asahikawa City, it is popular as a sightseeing area where visitors can visit casually. Green tourism, such as agricultural experience, has thrived, and in recent years wine production has been underway, and the number of wineries that can be visited is increasing. The access from New Chitose Airport to Iwamizawa City is about an hour by rental car.
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Course 18

Enjoy the North Land Hokkaido's Sake and Food <4 days>

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • Gourmet
Farm Restaurant
Yuni Garden
Glamping(Log Hotel MAPLE LODGE)

There is a growing number of wineries in Sorachi area centering on Iwamizawa. Nearly 10 wineries and vineyards are scattered, including "Housui Winery" which is a filming location for movie "Budo no Namida". Also, there is a must-see historical building "Kobayashi Brewery", and it became a topic that you can enjoy driving while tasting if you use "wine taxi" booked in advance. Also, in Asahikawa area, there are many liquor stores of sake making the best of clean and abundant water. Why don't you try Japanese sake with seafood and sushi at Asahikawa's entertainment district, "3-6 Street" or izakaya in "Furarito"?

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Sapporo ⇒ Farm Restaurant ⇒ Yuni Garden ⇒ Iwamizawa (Glamping / Log Hotel MAPLE LODGE)
Day 2 Iwamizawa ⇒ [Taxi / Wine Taxi] ⇒ Sorachi sightseeing (winery tour) ⇒ Churrasco cuisine ⇒ Iwamizawa
Day 3 Iwamizawa ⇒ Hokuryu Town Sunflower Farm ⇒ Asahikawa (sake brewery tour) ⇒ Asahikawa
Day 4 Asahikawa ⇒ Clark Horse Garden ⇒ Asahikawa Airport

Course 19

3 Days to Enjoy Hokkaido Wine and Japanese Sake

  • culture・Contact with the local community
  • Gourmet
Housui Winery
Sapporo Mt. Moiwa(Night view)
Chitosetsuru Museum

There is a rapidly growing number of special wineries in the suburbs of Sapporo area in addition to beer factories and sake breweries. Nearly 10 wineries and vineyards are scattered in Sorachi area, and it is attracting attention winery tours using the "Wine Taxi" so that even drivers can enjoy alcohol. Also at "Kobayashi Shuzo" whose historic buildings are designated as national tangible cultural assets and Chitosetsuru Museum, there is limited sake that can only be purchased there and it is very popular as a souvenir.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Sapporo ⇒ Iwamizawa ⇒ [Taxi / Wine Taxi] ⇒ Sorachi sightseeing (winery tour) ⇒ locally-produced and locally-consumed Italian ⇒ Housui Winery ⇒ Gyokusenkan Atochi Park ⇒ Iwamizawa
Day 2 Iwamizawa ⇒ Azumai Orchards (fruit picking) ⇒ Kobayashi Shuzo ⇒ Chitosetsuru Museum ⇒ Sapporo Beer Garden ⇒ Sapporo Mt. Moiwa Ropeway (Night view tour) ⇒ Sapporo
Day 3 Sapporo ⇒ Hokkaido Shrine ⇒ Nijo Fish Market ⇒ Sapporo

Course 20

The history and culture of Sorachi, the town of the coal mine <4 days>

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • Gourmet
  • culture・Contact with the local community
Yubari Rokumeikan
Bibai yakitori
Kobushi Toen

"Yubari Coal Mine Museum" and "Yubari Rokumeikan" are valuable places where you can feel the history of Yubari in the time when the coal mining industry reached its peak. In Bibai, which flourished as a town of coal mines, the "Bibai Yakitori" is famous for its delicious taste of chicken and its guts. It is a local gourmet originally produced for miners who use physical strength, and it is a must-try item when you visit there. Also, after you enjoy the spectacular view of Hokuryu Sunflower Farm whose best season is from July to August, why don't you feel the art by visiting "Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum Arte Piazza Bibai", which is the art museum of Kan Yasuda, a sculptor from Hokkaido and visiting "Kobushi Toen" pottery that keeps creating pots rooted in the climate of northern country?

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Sapporo ⇒ Yubari Coal Mine Museum ⇒ Yubari Rokumeikan ⇒ Yubari
Day 2 Yubari ⇒ Takinoue Park ⇒ Yuni Garden ⇒ Iwamizawa(Bibai yakitori)
Day 3 Iwamizawa ⇒ Hokuryu Sunflower Field ⇒ Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum Arte Piazza Bibai⇒ Iwamizawa
Day 4 Iwamizawa ⇒ Kobushi Toen (Kobushi Kiln) ⇒ Sapporo