Asahikawa Area

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"Asahikawa Area" located almost in the center of Hokkaido, surrounded by Mt. Taisetsu and Mt. Tokachi mountain range. There are many popular sightseeing spots such as "Asahiyama Zoo" which boasts the highest number of visitors in Japan and "Ueno Farm" where flowers rooted in the climate bloom. There is also a brewery representing Hokkaido, and the local sake tour is also fun. Asahikawa Airport, which operates direct flights from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, also is easy access from each tourist spot.
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Course 12

Mountain Resort~Highest Peak in Hokkaido:Travel to enjoy nature in Mt. Taisetsu~ <4 days>

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • Hot spring
Asahidake/Sugatami-no-ike Pond
Ueno Farm
flying a glider(Takikawa Sky Park)

Mt.Taisetsu Asahidake is also called "Roof of Hokkaido." You can climb near the area of Sugatami-no-ike Pond by a ropeway and appreciate alpine plants with a guide and could watch wild animals such as Eurasian red squirrels. This is a recommendable sport for beginner mountain-climbers. Ueno Garden is said that it is the garden we see in picture books, and many lovers of garden from home and abroad visit there. Our heart is comforted by flowers blooming in every season. Places where you can enjoy flying a glider and kayaking are scattered, which is suitable for people who would like to spend time staying active.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Sapporo ⇒ Sunagawa Sweet Road ⇒ Takikawa Sky Park (flying a glider) ⇒ Asahikawa
Day 2 Asahikawa ⇒ Ueno Farm ⇒ Asahikawa Ramen Village ⇒ Asahiyama Zoo ⇒ Asahidake Onsen
Day 3 Asahidake Onsen ⇒ Mt. Taisetsu Asahidake Ropeway (Nature Observation Trekking / Sugatami-no-ike Pond) ⇒ Asahidake Onsen
Day 4 Asahidake Onsen ⇒ Mt. Taisetsu Asahidake Gensui ⇒ Tenninkyo Canyon (Hagoromo Waterfall) ⇒ Chubetsu Lake (Kayak) ⇒ Asahikawa Airport

Course 13

Hill town Biei, Blue Pond Bicycle riding and Asahiyama Zoo <3 days>

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • Gourmet
  • Activity
Asahiyama Zoo
Blue Pond
Shikisai no Oka

A course that you enjoy the scenery actively around "Oka no Machi Biei". Using a rental bicycle, we recommend to visit the "Patchwork Hill", "Shikisai no oka", and not only the scattered art spots but also "blue pond" where the cobalt blue pond and stand dead trees become fantastic. A gourmet to draw the attention of Biei where is a treasure house of ingredients is a voluminous hamburger filled with local vegetables and meat plenty. Let's enjoy yourself tremendously while looking at the scenery in every four seasons.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Sapporo ⇒ Biei Station front
Day 2 Biei station front ⇒ Biei Hilly area (Bicycle riding / Patchwork Hill, Shikisai no Oka, Takushinkan, Seibi no Mori Museum) ⇒ Blue Pond ⇒ Shirogane Onsen
Day 3 Shirogane Onsen ⇒ Asahiyama Zoo ⇒ Shujitsu no Oka⇒ Asahikawa Airport

Course 14

Enjoy nature with Teshio river canoe and Bicycle riding! Traveling around History of Hokkaido and the sheep <4 days>

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • Activity
sheep and cloud hill
Nayoro Himawari Field
Teshio river (canoe experience)

This course is perfect for people who want to stay active while feeling nature. Every year from mid-July to mid-August, the "Nayori Sunflower Field" boasts 5 million sunflowers, like a yellow carpet in all directions. Since the sunflower field is scattered, we recommend that you can enjoy while bicycle riding. Also, in "Torokko Kingdom" you can drive the Torokko handcar that runs 10 km round trip using abandoned railway tracks, and enjoy nature through the canoe experience of the Teshio River.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Asahikawa ⇒ sheep and cloud hill ⇒ Nayoro Municipal Astronomical Observatory Kita Subaru⇒ Nayoro
Day 2 Nayoro ⇒ Nayoro Himawari Field (Bicycle riding) ⇒ Kingdom of Torokko ⇒ Bifuka (Farm inn・Tonttu)
Day 3 Bifuka ⇒ Teshio river (canoe experience) ⇒ Otoineppu (The place of naming Hokkaido, Sunazawa Bikky Memorial Museum) ⇒ Nakagawa
Day 4 Nakagawa ⇒ Asahikawa Airport

Course 15

Plan to enjoy Sounkyo / Mori no Garden <3 days>

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • Hot spring
Daisetsu Mori-no Garden
Sounkyo Onsen
Sounkyo Kurodake Ropeway

When staying at one of Hokkaido's best hot springs "Sounkyo Onsen", go to "Sounoukyo Kurodake Ropeway" in the next morning. If you are lucky, you can enjoy trekking while looking fantastic sea of clouds. The "Taisetsu Mori-no Garden" which spreads in the hills surrounded by Daisetsu mountain and forest, has more than 700 varieties of flowers blooming, also there are a guest palace, shops and restaurant specializing in Hokkaido ingredients "FRATELLO DI MIKUNI" where you can spend a relaxing time. In Asahikawa, let's go to Asahiyama Zoo by using a reasonable Local Bus unlimited ride ticket "ASAKURU PASS".

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Sapporo ⇒ Sounkyo Onsen
Day 2 Sounkyo Onsen ⇒ Sounkyo Kurodake Ropeway (sea of clouds trekking) ⇒ Daisetsu Mori-no Garden ⇒ Asahikawa Garden
Day 3 Asahikawa ⇒ [Bus / Easy to sightseeing the city by using "ASAKURU Pass" ] ⇒ Asahikawa

Course 16

Traveling around history and the beauty of the autumn leaves of Sounkyo <4 days>

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • culture・Contact with the local community
  • Hot spring
  • Snow
Kamikawa Taisetsu Shuzo「Ryokkyugura」

"Sounkyo Onsen" is one of the best autumn leaves spots in Hokkaido. The "Momijidani Valley" located near the hot spring town is lit up so you can enjoy fantastic beauty that is different from the daytime. In Asahikawa area, there are Kamuikotan which Kamikawa Ainu legend are handed down, "Kawamura Kaneto Ainu resource center", "Asahikawa Museum", and it has been attracting attention in recent years since you can know Ainu Cultural in Hokkaido. We recommend visiting the sake brewery that made use of clean water such as "Kamikawa Taisetsu Shuzo" which was established in 2017, and "Otokoyama Sake brewery museum" of the sake brewery representing Hokkaido.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Asahikawa ⇒ Sounkyo Onsen
Day 2 Sounkyo Onsen ⇒ Sounkyo Kurodake Ropeway (sea of clouds trekking) ⇒ Kamikawa Taisetsu Shuzo "Ryokkyugura" ⇒ Walking around Kamikawa-cho ⇒ Mori-no Garden ⇒ Hokkaido Ice Pavilion ⇒ Sounkyo Onsen
Day 3 Sounkyo Onsen ⇒ Kawamura Kaneto Ainu resource center ⇒ Kita no Arashiyama ⇒ Asahikawa Ramen ⇒ Foreign Tree Species Sample Forest ⇒ Asahikawa
Day 4 Asahikawa ⇒ Kamuikotan ⇒ Asahikawa Design Center ⇒ Otokoyama Sake brewery museum ⇒ Asahikawa Airport

Course 17

Enjoy the Northern Hokkaido gourmet from Japan‘s top and enjoy the historical culture <4 days>

  • Four seasons・Nature
  • culture・Contact with the local community
  • Gourmet
Wakkanai Octopus shabu-shabu
Sunzawa Bikky Memorial Museum
The place of naming Hokkaido

A course to enjoy local popular gourmet while enjoying flowers and Hokkaido history. Otoineppu, known as the "Hokkaido naming site" is a place where visitors can experience the spirit and artistic spirit of the Ainu while experience the roots of Hokkaido, just like the "Sunazawa Bikky Memorial Museum." Also, there are plenty of local gourmet in North Hokkaido, such as "Asahikawa Ramen", "Nayoro Stew of Genghis Khan", "Black soba of Otoineppu" and "Wakkanai Octopus shabu-shabu", so please have a try.

Time Schedule +

Day 1 Asahikawa ⇒ Asahiyama Zoo ⇒ Nayoro
Day 2 Nayoro ⇒ Nayoro Himawari Hadake ⇒ Road Station Glutinous Rice's Hometown Nayoro ⇒ Otoineppu (Sunzawa Bikky Memorial Museum) ⇒ North Breakwater Dome ⇒ Wakkanai
Day 3 Wakkanai ⇒ Cape Soya / The Rolling Soya Hills ⇒ Fukkou Market ⇒ Noshappu Cape ⇒ Old Seto House ⇒ Wakkanai
Day 4 Wakkanai ⇒ Wakkanai Airport